Determined to try

Determined to try

The launch date for our journey is only three weeks away. You’d think at this point excitement would be running high, that I’d be as determined as ever. And I am…sort of. But there’s this dragon causing me some problems. Resistance.

As I’ve mentioned on this blog before, once you make the bold decision, you’ll always have the chance to change your mind. There will be circumstances that change like the weather in Oklahoma. What seems to be favorable circumstances one day can suddenly change; a phone call, an email, a simple word in conversation can change the way you look at everything. Where you were once determined and focused, now you’re questioning and foggy.

It’s just as easy to see the journey we are about to undertake as a fools errand as it is a bold adventure. Sometimes the only difference is my current state of mind.

Have you ever felt that way?

In the last week, two different circumstances have gone from the “slam dunk” category to the “just missed” category. And while the jury is still out on both, it’s enough for the dragon of Resistance to work overtime on my overactive imagination. Like smoke filtering under the door, fear begins to creep in. And as we all know…fear paralyzes.

But here’s the deal…I’m determined to try.

When this opportunity first entered our minds over 90-days ago, I said to Lainey, “We may fall flat on our faces but I have to try. I can’t write what I’ve been writing on this blog all year only to cave and do the safe thing now when the real journey beckons.” I still believe that. But I’ll have to admit…I have to take about a dozen deep breaths every day just to keep my blood pressure in check.

Here’s what I’m learning…

Instead of allowing the hardships and changes in circumstances to rattle my faith and shake my confidence, I want it to steel my resolve to do what I believe I’ve been led to do. In fact, I believe that the Resistance is actually proving to me that I’m on the right track! It’s determining my course! I’m more convinced, more confident, more willing to follow my heart.

How about you? Have you let Resistance steal your resolve to get the thing done? Have you lost your confidence and focus in the wake of negative circumstances or contrary advice from well-meaning friends? Has your determination waned?

Maybe it’s time for you to find your spine, stand up tall and repeat after me;

  • Circumstances will NOT get me down!
  • Resistance will not stop me from accomplishing what I’m supposed to accomplish!
  • I will not quit! I will be determined!
  • I will succeed. I will overcome!

Often the very best things in life sit just on the other side of a compromise. It’s time for us to set our faces like a flint and find some determination and resolve. In one of Clint Eastwood’s best movies, “The Outlaw Josie Wales,” he has a great quote, “When things look bad and it looks like you’re not gonna make it, then you’ve gotta get mean. I mean plum mad dog mean.”

Or as Don Staires (my dad) used to say at camp, “When the tough get going…they…get…going!”

You can do this. And so can I.

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