Paris Hilton…PEW!

was thinking this morning as I was on the treadmill and watching the morning
news seeing Paris Hilton introducing her new perfume; "Paris
Hilton" (surprise!). I thought of Seth Godin’s new blog “All
Marketers Are Liars.”
Can there really be a bigger marketing lie than Paris
Hilton? She’s famous for…being famous! It’s all smoke and mirrors. There’s
absolutely nothing there.

loved what John Shirley said on his blog about the perfume launch.
Just consider the lengths that the perfume marketers will go in their
copy, "sophisticated…brilliant…"

Please! Are those the
two words that immediately jump to mind when you hear the name Paris Hilton? Or
how about this, "Now you have the opportunity to share
a bit of the magic that is Paris Hilton
." If there
is one thing Paris Hilton is not, it’s magical! And whatever IT is that Paris
Hilton has…I certainly don’t want to share it. So there.

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