My passion is to help people just like you to discover the destiny for which they’ve been created. I’ve learned that once you know your destiny, your direction becomes clear and the distractions become obvious.

I used to feel that destiny was all about location. In fact, I used to tell others that it was my destiny to serve at the ministry where I was serving at the time. That belief system was fine until I left that ministry. That was when my belief system crumbled. I was confused to say the least.

Can you relate? Are you struggling to find that place of purpose; that place where you know what you’re here on the planet to accomplish? Are you looking for a life of relevance and significance?

I can help you.

My quest for understanding purpose and destiny has led me to the discovery that destiny isn’t about location at all. Your destiny is like seasoning you carry with you, part of your DNA. And you bring that seasoning, that flavor, into any situation, location, job or ministry; wherever you go.

PROJECT PURPOSE is a three month journey we take together to discover why you’re here on this planet. We’ll meet in 3 hour-long conversations each month. In these sessions together, we’ll take a careful look at where you’ve been and we’ll chart a course that will outline the steps you need to take in order to fulfill your purpose.

PROJECT PURPOSE isn’t about me telling you what your purpose in life is. It’s about a discovery we’ll make together. You have the answer inside you. You just need someone like me to ask you the right questions! Together we’ll discover your unique destiny…the seasoning you bring to the table.

PROJECT PURPOSE starts with a free one-hour conversation. In this hour we’ll get to know one another and lay out a plan to proceed over the next three months. To get started and to find out more about PROJECT PURPOSE simply fill out the submission form below and I’ll be in touch.

With a gentle yet ferocious, creative and progressive spirit, Michael Staires simply makes others better and helps them discover and advance beyond their wildest dreams.

Greg Fields, Director of Community Engagement, YMCA of the East Valley (Redlands, CA)

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Are you really communicating…or just talking?

The way we communicate has changed…forever. Whether it’s our marketing copy, our fund-raising letters or our Powerpoint presentations, the rules have changed.

Chances are you’ve already noticed that the same communications efforts you’ve used in the past are no longer as effective. They no longer have the punch they once had and they no longer land with the same impact.

So…now you have a choice. You can either pretend that this is all just a temporary phase and things will soon get back to “normal,” or you can embrace the challenges and take full advantage of the new opportunities. If you are bold enough to choose the latter…I can help.

I’ve written and created for organizations and businesses large and small. I’m an expert in creating communications pieces that connect with their tribe. I can help plan your next conference or campaign, write your letter for greater impact, design your web page for better response, or prepare the presentations that will engage with your audience.

Michael Staires is an absolute rock star when it comes to assisting your business in maximizing who you are with who you want to reach. His skill set knocked our goals out of the park and transformed how we package our brand and connect with out customers. Michael is a keeper!

Diane Dahm, Sales and Marketing Director, Camp Timberline, Estes Park, CO

Michael Staires knows how to take people and projects to another level. He helps forward-thinking people maximise their reach and realise their vision and strategic goals. You will find him an enthusiastic advocate for your aspirations, as he skillfully sharpens your focus on many levels. He will help you and your team to achieve optimal impact.

Mal Fletcher, Founder & Chairman, 2020Plus Think Tank, London

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