I have a passion to help people connect with God in such a new and different way that it causes them to better understand why they were created…their purpose in life.

I do this through writing, teaching to groups and individual life coaching.

These posts should give you a pretty good idea of how I think:

What others are saying about working with Michael Staires…

“The writings, thoughts and teachings of Michael Staires always spur me on to get in the saddle and ride out the vision that God has for me. His passionate, out-of-the-box thinking in the context of reaching out to others, refining your message, living into your God-given dreams have helped me focus and lead my own ministry.”

Scott Hennigan, Area Director, Young Life, South Central Oklahoma

“Michael Staires is an excellent storyteller! He has the ability of weaving valuable life lessons into what seems on the surface to be an average adventure story. When a room full of today’s children are on the edge of their seats and let out an audible moan when the speaker says to be continued you know they were listening to Michael Staires!”

Ann Van Hine, Children’s Ministries Coordinator, Metro NY District Church of the Nazarene

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