You are more beautiful than you think

You are more beautiful than you think

Okay…if it wasn’t official before, it’s official now. Dove is the best at speaking to their audience in their language about the stuff the audience cares about. This video connects in a very powerful way. Yeah, it can be argued that it’s not about soap. But it is about self-image and that’s a topic I believe we can all connect with; women and men.

This story told in this video is impressive on many levels. I thought I’d just riff about a few of them in this post.

  1. First of all, let me just say, that I’m amazed at the talent of the sketch artist who was able to take simple verbal descriptions and draw such incredible sketches. The whole point of the exercise was that he would draw without seeing. His talent is huge.
  2. To me, there’s a magic moment at about the 1:45 mark. This is the moment when the woman realizes the real impact of this exercise. She looks the two sketches and she sees the differences in the two. Then…she…get’s it. The look on her face is priceless.
  3. We all are prone to believing the lie about our own self image. We either think too highly of ourselves (not as common as you might think), or more likely, we think too little of ourselves. We buy into the argument that we have no beauty or talent or skill. The dragon torments us with messages of failure and ugliness and worthlessness…and we buy it.
  4. The ad did such a terrific job of showing women, none of whom were models but, who had a beauty all their own. And the sketch artist did a great job of illustrating that.
  5. Wait. Hold on. I’m not done with #3 yet. When we buy into this notion that we’re not as good (or as skilled or as attractive or as talented) as someone else, we’re already beaten. The enemy has us in a weakened state and once there, he knows we’ll believe any lie he wants to pitch our way. Here’s what you have to understand. Your enemy KNOWS you. He knows your vulnerabilities and he’s poised to take advantage of them. But here’s another thing you must know…he’s a liar. What he says about you isn’t the truth. That’s the cool thing about this video. I know Dove never intended this to be a spiritual message but that’s the way I’m interpreting it. This video shows the difference between the lie we believe and the truth that is real.

Just to be clear; the lie is that you are ugly, unskilled, and undesirable.

The truth is that you are fearfully and wonderfully made. You are a one-off. There is no one else in this world (in the past, present or future) who is like you.

There is beauty in that realization alone.

You carry within you your Creator’s DNA, His thumbprint.

Don’t believe the lie. You are more beautiful than you think.

Oh…and #6. I love that loft.

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  • Amazing! I love how Mike took the spiritual approach and brought out the Truth in something as simple as
    “how you see yourself, and how others see you!” This is very inciteful – thanks for posting!

  • I talked a few days ago about shame being the most insidious of the enemy’s weapons. But this false image that we believe about ourselves is probably related to that. Each of the women in this video, although not a model is beautiful in their own unique way. And it reminds me that while a model might appear beautiful, it’s usually a manufactured beauty, not authentic and fleeting. Props to Dove for the boldness to tell the story in such a profound way. Thanks Mom and Sophie for the feedback!

  • I agree this ad is doing something few other companies are doing, and I think that is positive. My critique is that it doesn’t really do much to challenge standards of beauty–crows feet, fat face, freckles, dark circles aren’t dismissed, and blue eyes, thin chin, light eyes are upheld as beautiful. I think it’s awesome and important to take a look at the way we view ourselves, and start to make an effort to love ourselves more. But radical acceptance calls for redefining beauty. Saying no to the lie that “we can still be beautiful even though… (fill in blank)”, and replacing that with beauty as something we inherently ARE. I know we have to take baby steps, and DOVE is doing that, so well done! But by no means is this enough. And I can’t wait for DOVE (or anyone else) to use people who aren’t conventionally “pretty” in their ads. To feature people of color for more than 10 seconds. And to use people whose BMI is higher than our definition of beautiful allows. Just some thoughts.

  • Excellent piece Michael. In conferences this is always the major hurdle I see that people face before they reach that elusive next level of success whether it be in business, personal relationships or achieving life goals. In my own life I discovered I am my worst critic in every area. Letting go of that has been liberating! Embracing our “uniqueness” is key to living life beyond the ordinary!

  • Thanks Mike! Love your take on this…and also Meg’s comments. Wrinkles…cabbage patch commas around the mouth…even so, I was very moved by the video and I appreciate it.


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