Change the world

Change the world

I just finished watching the last episode of The History Channel’s “The Bible.” (Yeah I know…I’m behind. I DVR’d it so I could watch it later!) I won’t bore you with all my opinions of the series right now because I really want to spend the time talking about a scene that struck me in the last episode.

The baptism of Paul by Ananias.

You know the story…Ananias is visited by Jesus and told to go find Paul and heal his blindness. He follows the instructions given him, finds Paul and prays for him to receive sight. Then he takes a pitcher of water and pours it over Paul’s head and baptizes him. I love it.

What caught me were the words from Ananias. As he pours the water over Paul’s head he says, “I Ananias, baptize you Paul in the name of Jesus Christ. For He has chosen you to change the world in His name.”


For He has chosen you to change the world in His name.


I believe that these words weren’t just for Paul. Those words aren’t just for Peter or Martin Luther or Augustine or St. Christopher or Billy Graham or Brennan Manning either.

Those words are for you too.

You’ve been chosen to change your world. You’ve been given powerful gifts and talents and they weren’t given to you just for you. They were given as tools for you to bring about change. Real change.

You weren’t born to blend in. You weren’t brought into this world to be invisible. You were born to be a catalyst of change.

What are you doing today to bring change? How are you using your enormous gifts and talents today to improve and bring light into your world?

That’s what you were born to do.

Go change the world.

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