Jesus Saves

Jesus Saves

Jesus saves.

Two very simple words but when put together they may just be one of the most potentially powerful sentences in the English language. Once you realize what those two simple words mean to you.

The first thing that comes to my mind when I hear this phrase are the old road signs I used to see driving the backroads of Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas and Missouri with my dad checking oil leases and refineries. There were plenty of examples of these kinds of signs pitching everything from Burma Shave to seed corn.

Most people probably think this phrase is referring to the Big One, the salvation experience. You know, Jesus saves us from eternal fire and damnation.

That’s true. He does reconcile us with our Heavenly Father and saves us from the eternal darkness and separation from God that comes with our nature to misbehave.

But this morning as I heard that phrase, “Jesus saves” in the chorus of a worship song, I was reminded that the words are true for so much more. Think of it this way…the real power in that phrase is the fact that it’s present or future tense, not past tense (as in “Jesus Saved” though that’s just as true)

Jesus saves (present tense) me from my tendency to sin, to say or do the wrong thing and hurt those I love.

Jesus saves me from my own negative thinking and insecure internal dialog about myself.

Jesus saves me from my hate, my greed, my lust, my selfishness, my pride.

It occurred to me that while I’m so grateful that Jesus saved me all those years ago, my joy is renewed everyday when I realize that Jesus saves, and continues to do so every moment of every day.  Think about that…

The church will disappoint you but Jesus saves.

Your spouse will surely fall below your expectations but Jesus saves.

Your own planning and strategies will fail but Jesus saves.

Your beliefs will all fall short but Jesus saves.

Jesus saves, in the present and future tense. He saves, now. He will save, in the days to come. His mercies are new every morning and He never disappoints. I don’t know about you but I need saving…almost daily. That’s why I need Him so desperately.

Jesus longs to save you from you. He’s just waiting to be asked.

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