About Michael

About Michael
I'm a pioneer. In search of the pioneer spirit that resides in all of us.Michael Staires

Who I Am
I am a communicator of ideas
I am an agent of change
I am a pioneer.
I am a husband to Lainey
I am a father to seven children

What I Do
I write
I speak
I inspire
I connect
I lead

I’d like to introduce a few articles in particular under the following categories that give a solid idea of who I am and what I am working to accomplish: Destiny, Leadership, Spirituality, and Marketing.

What others are saying about working with Michael Staires…

“Michael Staires has always struck me as a person who doesn’t settle for status quo. He relishes the original and resists tradition for tradition’s sake. Always keeping up with the best of current trends, Michael can be trusted to lead you or your organization down a path toward better health and realistic growth.”

Brian Phillips, Marketing Manager, Young Life’s Colorado Camps

“Michael Staires provided a fresh approach to a new product that we were introducing to market. His years of experience in a variety of marketing areas gave us an insight into other ways to attract new customers. We appreciated his candor and honesty during the entire process.”

Doss Briggs, President, Thunder Canyon Fence, LLC

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  • Mike what an amazing communicator you are. I have just started following your blog and I am only sadden by the fact that I haven’t done it sooner. What practical messages for us humans. Don’t give up don’t settle and please continue to be the pioneer He created you to be.


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