The dragon sleeps

The dragon sleeps

“Once upon a time there was a quaint little village nestled on the outskirts of a deep and lush forest. It was beautiful but dark. And in the forest there was a cave. And in the cave the dragon slept.”

Why does the dragon sleep?

Think about almost every fairy tale you’ve ever heard. The dragon only sleeps when the townspeople are scared. When they’ve accepted fear as a way of life and spend their days cowering behind their doors afraid to venture out. The dragon sleeps when there is no knight to challenge him.

The dragon is the resistance you feel when you try to reach further than you’ve reached before. The dragon is the voice that tells you that you can’t do a thing…you mustn’t do a thing.  The dragon is dark and terrible. But…you are the knight. And you were born for this battle.

It’s time to shrug off the cloak of fear and be bold enough to venture out your door and stand at the mouth of the dark cave with your sword in your hand and your shield at your side and declare, “I am here. Do your worst.”

And you know the dragon will awake. You will have to fight.

Don’t allow the dragon’s threats and lies keep you cowering.

Do the thing.

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