What are you afraid of?

What are you afraid of?

We must all battle the dragon of resistance. His favorite strategy is to whisper to us that if we really do try, or go out on the limb, or think outside the box, or get started on the journey without knowing the destination, that we’ll fail. And that failure will be very public and very humiliating. And…that we’ll never recover from that failure. We’ll be doomed for all time.

But we know that’s not true. At least we know it in our heads. Failure isn’t really failure. It’s just another step in the pathway to success.

I think what we are really scared of is exposure; that not only will we fail but that we’ll be exposed as a fraud. People will finally see that we’re not all we are pretending to be. That voice of the dragon that lives within each of us will finally be loud enough for everyone to hear. The voice that says, “you can’t do this. You’re not capable of all that they want you to do. You’re a sham, they think you are all that but you’re really not.”

(unless I’m the only one who hears this voice…but I don’t think I am)

Just remember this…the dragon is a liar.

He’s a playground bully who needs to be stood up to. When you start, when you jump, even though the voice in your head is telling you not to, you are standing up to the bully. And the voice will quiet down; for a while.

You’ll never get rid of the dragon. He will always lurk in the shadows, lying to you about who you are and what you’re capable of.

Again, remember, he’s a liar.

In fact, one way to determine if you’re on the right track is to measure the resistance. The more resistance, the greater chance that you’re heading in the right direction.

The dragon will always be there. He will always lie. But you have a mission we need you to accomplish.

We’re waiting for you to find the courage to step out.

Question: Can you share about your experience fighting the dragon?


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  • I’ve been thinking about this question, deciding an answer and doing it a lot. What I’ve found is that there are so many people waiting for there to be a St. George. And you know, that kind of life used to seem insane. Now it is my new normal. W hat I did not expect was the freedom it would bring. Keep asking the question Michael.

  • hey mike!
    great word and so true. i knew who that dragon was even before
    you named him. the threat of the exposure of our failure can be
    the threat of our willingness to be exposed while trusting the One
    even dragons fear is our weapon. (seriously twisted run on
    keep on writing these great posts and give your lovely wife a hug!

  • Mike, such truth spoken here! In my book on the Home, I have a writing from a man who writes out his
    feelings on this subject most clearly. Page 42 if you should want to read it…..”Who Am I?” Sure is good to
    “come out into the open” of God’s Grace and Freedom. No need for cover-up! We know who we are because
    God has shown us who He has created us to be. When He looks at us, He doesn’t disclose what’s wrong ~ He
    simply shows us what’s missing! There’s a huge difference! And we can use this same principle as we share
    with others. Given the greater image of who we are called to be, it calls us and draws us higher. And the only
    way we have desire to go higher, is by being in the awesome presence and majesty of the Lord! The Lightness,
    the freedom, the Peace that comes with that step only draws us to Him! Alas, that is His greatest desire for us!
    I suppose that proves that when we know the Truth, it really does set us free! (Of course, it may make us mad
    first!! – Ha!)

  • This proverbial dragon has dogged me for years. I have allowed him to rob me of so much that can never be recovered. It took things going very, very wrong in my life to learn that HE can be defeated. Maturity, good mentoring and really pressing in to what God has for me in my life were key in finally realizing this. I’m no longer afraid to press forward and work to accomplish new things. Oh, I hear the voice too, the difference is, now I know how to shush it. 🙂
    This is so well written! Interesting that all of your recent posts are things that I have been praying about and really needed to hear. I always look forward to reading the next one! Thanks for sharing your heart and what you hear from the Lord. I really appreciate it!


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