The power of “Yes.”

I believe that there is incredible power in that one little 3-letter word, "Yes." It's a word of agreement; of assent. When you say "yes," you enter into a contract. "Yes" is an obligation. It means you will do something or say something or be something. "Yes" opens doors and creates possibilities. "Yes" builds relationships and communities. "Yes" is a look to the future; to the horizon where a new reality lies. 

"No," on the other hand, does the opposite. "No" closes doors and minds. The word even sounds negative. Listen…"No," short, final, even harsh. When you say "no" to something or someone, you cut them off and eliminate possibility of going forward. 

Of course sometimes you must say "no" to some things so you can say "yes" to the other, more important things. 

Wisdom teaches us when to say what.

What do you need to say "Yes" to today? What doors will open when you say that simple word?

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