The two thieves of TODAY

The two thieves of TODAY

All of us, every single one of us, have only one day that we can actually do something about. We have one day that we can make an impact, build relationships, change our world. That day is TODAY. But sadly, we sit idly by and allow thieves to make off with the precious treasure that today is.

There are actually two thieves.

The first thief is YESTERDAY. We spend our TODAYS regretting yesterday. We stew about what we could have done better, the chances we could have taken, the words we should have spoken, the opportunities we should have grabbed, the trails we should have followed, the diems we should have carpe’d. While our focus is on regret over what did or didn’t happen yesterday, today silently slips by and is lost forever. The irony of course is that today is now gone and becomes part of our regrettable yesterday.

You’ve probably figured out by now what the other thief is…worry about TOMORROW. We worry about what might happen or what might not happen. We dread the things that tomorrow might or might not bring; most of which are things that are out of our control. We worry about tomorrow’s weather or what the stock market might do or if our ex will really show up at our party and make a scene. Regardless the issue, we allow this worry and dread to steal our focus for today.

What a shame.

Fight back. Fight for your TODAY. Don’t let regret about YESTERDAY or worry about TOMORROW steal the very special gift of TODAY.

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