Ways to turn your Facebook fans into an engaged tribe (part 2)

 Yesterday we talked about the first 4 ways to turn your Facebook fans into an engaged tribe. Just to reiterate…it doesn't take much commitment for someone to click on the "Become a Fan!" button on your fan page. It's great that it's so easy but if that's all you're doing, you could end up with hundreds of fans but they don't visit your page, their not "tuned in," and in short…they're not engaged. 

So yesterday we talked about the first 4 ways to get your Facebook fans dialed in. And the cool thing is…not only will these tips help you get your fan base engaged with you and what you're doing, it will also help increase the fan base overall. Bang! Two birds with one stone.

Now for today's three ways…

  1. Be open, honest and vulnerable. Your Facebook fan page is not a place for "corporate-speak." This is not your website and you can't use it the same way. Facebook is a place to be real and less formal. Remember, you're trying to build relationships here not market products. So don't use your fan page as solely a place to talk about stuff you want to talk about. Engage! Ask questions. Respond to questions. This is a conversation! The more you sound anonymous and corporate, the less people will engage. Be authentic!
  2. Install the "Facebook Filter." The Facebook Filter isn't an actual application. It's an imaginary filter you install in your brain. Then in every staff meeting, every event, every planning session you are thinking, "how can I use our Facebook fan page to promote or enhance this activity?" It's a switch you turn in your mind. Before turning the switch…Facebook is an after-thought. You think about it after the fact or too late for it to do any good. After you turn the switch, Facebook actually becomes part of the strategy going in.
  3. Be consistent. It's not necessary to post something every hour or maybe not even every day. But you will find that the more consistently you engage your tribe, the more engaging they will be in return. It's so easy to set up a fan page that many organizations set it up without actually answering the question, "what are we going to do with this tool?" That's why so many fan pages haven't updated their status or posted anything in weeks. They got the page up and running and haven't been back since. Sure…they saw a bunch of fans early on (because it's so easy) but now they've leveled off and folks are wondering why they can't get anymore fans. 

The funny thing about engagement. It takes two!! When you are consistent in posting resource and sharing with your tribe, you'll find a much more consistently engaged tribe. Put tools (resources, scriptures, videos, links) in their virtual hands so they can help you spread your message. Chances are, you've got a great tribe now you just need to get them all pulling on the same rope. These things will help you get them on board.

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