Waving is a two-way street

Hand wave
 Here's an interesting experiment…next time you are in your car driving down the street begin to wave at cars as they approach you in the other lane. I'm not talking about swinging your hand wildly back and forth…just a simple hand up wave will do. Just see how many respond. You maybe surprised.

I guess it's just something that we're born with. Someone waves to you…you wave back. It's almost a reflex action, even when you'd given absolutely no thought to waving before you saw them wave to you.

I was thinking about this principle the other day in relation to social networks on line. The word "social" implies that there is some back and forth, give and take, that there is actual communication going on, an exchange of ideas and information. But even though we all know this to be true, why do I get so many people asking how to build their fan base for Facebook or their Twitter followers? 

And when I take a look at their fan page or their Twitter feed, the answer is obvious. They're not "waving" to anyone. They aren't asking questions. They aren't posting interesting stuff. In some cases, they aren't posting anything at all!

Just like when you were in the car, if you want someone to wave to you, you need to wave to them first. So remember you are building relationships here. That means you have to GIVE in order to RECEIVE. Ask engaging questions. Give up interesting information. Post relevant resources. Then when people respond…respond back! Remember, it's a two-way street!

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