7 ways to turn your Facebook fans into an engaged tribe (part 1)

 It's common to boast about the number of Facebook fans you have. It's even common to use the number of fans you have as a sort of measuring stick as to how well you're doing or how effective your marketing is. While it's true that more fans is better than fewer fans, let's face it, "fans" are not a great measurement of actual engagement.

Your Facebook fans are a great example of a large but very loosely held tribe. The threshold to becoming a fan is so low…just clicking on a button and you're in! It's like fans of the tv show, "The Office." All you have to do is tune in and watch. There's no financial outlay, very little time commitment, no strange initiation rite. It's the same way with your fans. Yes, they are YOUR fans, but they didn't have to do a lot in order to earn that distinction.

So, how can you turn current fans into a much more engaged and powerful tribe (and increase your fan base at the same time)? The key is content. Back in the early days of the web, it was popular to say "content is king." People were getting carried away with flash and design and forgetting this very important principle. You've got to have real CONTENT. So, here are six ways to increase the content of your Facebook fan page and ramp up the engagement of your tribe.

  1. Roll out your summer camp curriculum. Write an easy "pre-quel" to this summer's curriculum. Design it as a tool that parents can use with their kids to prepare them for the things they'll be learning this summer at camp. You can use the Facebook page to post scripture, object lessons, encouragements, etc. If you write it as a scheduled plan you'll have camper families coming to the site weekly to get the next installment. Not only will this engage your tribe, it will serve to build momentum for the summer program.
  2. Dip into your archives. Go into your archives and pull out an interesting photo of several campers from years ago doing something interesting. Post it on your fan page and ask the simple question, "Do you know who these people are and what they are doing? When was this photo taken? Help us tag these folks!" When you do this you immediately get the tribe working toward a common goal. Plus you can re-awaken long buried memories from alumni. And never underestimate how powerful a tool nostalgia can be. You'll also find alums that you haven't been able to connect with yet. Your tribe will find them for you when they tag the photo.
  3. VIDEO! People today are using You Tube to search subject matter almost as much as they use the traditional search engines. People want to know if there is any video resource available. So…give it to them! I know what you're thinking…video is too expensive and time consuming. No way. Get that thought out of your mind. Video is easy with tools like web cams and Flip cameras. You can easily post testimonials from campers and camper moms on your fan page. Or how about introducing your theme skit characters now and have them do a weekly "message" building toward camp. Keep the videos short (under 3 minutes). You can give a camp tour, introduce the new counselors, show off the dining room addition, go down the new zip holding the camera. Tons of ideas.
  4. Drive traffic! Use your fan page to drive your tribe where you want them to go. Did the director update her blog? Post the link on your fan page. Was the camp featured in the local paper? Post the link to the article. Have you posted new discounted rates for camp on your website? Post the link. Did a camper win the school spelling bee? Post the link where the rest of the tribe can read about it.

I just noticed that this post is a bit long so I'll cover the other three ways tomorrow. Stay tuned!!

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