A heart-warming story about…gasoline?

 Over the weekend I'll admit…I got nothing done. Except for watching a ton of the Masters coverage. The Masters is probably one of CBS's top properties. They counted on a ton of viewers (especially this year because of Tiger's re-entry into golf). So I'm very curious about what happens when advertisers have a major stage in front of a giant audience, along with a huge budget. And because I'm always interested in the stories other people are telling, I was particularly interested about this series of ads from Exxon/Mobile. Watch the ad here and notice how the children are depicted; curious, engaged, cute, inquisitive. 

I've talked before in this blog about the importance of remembering that you're not selling camp, you're selling changed lives. These ads are a great example of exactly that point. Exxon/Mobile is doing a good job here. We all know that Exxon/Mobile is a oil and gas company. But these ads are telling us that they are much more. They are educators. They care about the environment. They care about the future. They are human and not just a "big corporate entity." Good job Exxon/Mobile.

But let's remember…they're selling gasoline! If you look at the premise behind these ads critically, you'd have to admit that it's a stretch. But when you work with kids and families in an outdoor settings there is no stretch. You are changing lives. You are making a difference and you have the track record to prove it. You just need to do a better job of telling the stories in a language we can understand.

I maintain that there are better ways to depict children on your website and in your brochures than just covering them with mud and having them pose for a photo. Or just on a horse or pose in a climbing harness and helmet. Choose photos and videos that allow the kids to make a connection with the reader/visitor. Write copy that engages the reader in the positive benefits (not just the features) of a rich and rewarding week or weekend at a camp or conference center.

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