Maybe it’s time to change stations

For the first time in many years I sat down the other night to watch the Grammy's. I've never really been an awards show kind of guy. Never watched the Golden Globe or Emmy's. Never watched the Country Music Awards. Maybe I've watched the Oscars a few times but I just don't get into all the hype and self-congratulations that seem to make up most of these kinds of shows.

I think it might have been my very first Grammy award show to actually watch straight through and you know what? I actually enjoyed it. Great talent, some blasts from the past, and some pretty weird outfits, hair dos and performances thrown in just to make it interesting. But the thing I was most excited about was hearing music I hadn't heard before and really liked. 

Because of the show I'm a brand new Bon Iver fan. I love their style…kind of rock, kind of indie, kind of alternative with even some folk worked in here and there. Very cool stuff. So the first thing I did the next day was make a new Bon Iver station on Pandora.

And now a very cool thing has happened. A whole new world of great music that I never knew existed is piped into my computer every day. I love this stuff.

And of course, I'm reminded of the bigger picture. When you make one choice it always opens up new choices and new discoveries. But if you only stay with what you've always known, all you'll know is what you've always known. Make sense?

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