The most important ingredient to success

The most important ingredient to success

I’m an Olympic junkie. Every couple of years when the Olympics roll around, you can find me each evening during primetime glued to the television. I love the pageantry, the athleticism, the patriotism, the drama…the whole nine yards.

I’ve noticed something about all the medal winners. It’s something that happens during every medal ceremony when the winners of gold, silver and bronze accept their medals. They all have to bow low for the presenter to put the medal around their neck.

It’s a great reminder that humility is the most important ingredient to any success. We all have to be willing to bow low, to defer to others, to think more highly of others than ourselves in order to achieve success, in order to truly be a winner.

And…it’s interesting to note that because the gold medal platform is the highest platform, gold medal winners have to bow lowest of all.

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