How Joseph’s “AHA” moment can encourage you

How Joseph’s “AHA” moment can encourage you

This is a tough post to write. There are so many layers and levels here I hope I can articulate what I’m trying to say. And I hope you’ll hang with me.

We all know the story of Joseph from the Bible. When he was young he was the favored son of his father. He got the cushy jobs and he got the beautiful jacket to wear around. He must have been pretty smug when he told his family how he dreamed that they would all bow down to him.

But Joseph’s life took a dramatic turn for the worse. He was betrayed by his brothers (the ones who were supposed to bow down to him) He was sold into slavery. He was wrongly accused. He was sent to prison and then passed over for release. Do you think he forgot the dream? I have no idea. Maybe, in his quiet moments he’d remember and simply think, “Man, what was that dream all about?”

But after years of misery and confusion and disappointment he finally got his shot. He interpreted the king’s dream and was elevated not just out of prison but into the seat of power…second in command over all of Egypt.

Because of Joseph’s foresight and strategic planning, there was plenty of grain in an Egypt ravaged by drought. Because of Joseph, Egypt was spared. Because of Joseph, people came from miles around to get the food they needed to survive. Because of Joseph his own brothers came to ask for food; and yeah, they bowed down before him.

Right there. Right in the middle of that  AHA moment Joseph “turned his face away because he was crying.” Why? What made him cry? In that single moment Joseph realized that “this” was “that.”

In other words; “this” (his brothers bowing down to him) was “that” (the realization of the dream he had when he was a boy). This result wasn’t manufactured or manipulated. It wasn’t conjured up or controlled. I’m sure it hit him like lightning out of nowhere. BAM! This…is that.

I’m sure God’s given you dreams. And I’m just as sure you probably haven’t had that AHA moment yet. The moment where you say, “This is that!” But it’s coming. I’m just as sure of that. It’s coming. And all those days of uncertainty and even doubt will be worth it. Those months and years in “slavery” and “prison” will suddenly make sense and you’ll say…”Oh…wait…THIS is THAT! Now I understand. This is why I had to do that, learn that, spend that time. I get it.

Be encouraged. There is a divine agenda playing out here. You are where you are right this moment for a reason. God has destined it.

Hang in there. Your own AHA moment is coming.

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  • Psalm 119:49-50 Remember your word to your servant, for you have given me hope. My comfort in my suffering is this:Your promise preserves my life.

  • Thanks Michael. I read the posts in reverse order: first I needed to remember the portal’s view of my dream and then the hope of the This is That potential. The view in the portal has been long and I hope I will eventually get to the the desired window view at the end but thank you for the encouragement.

  • Wayne, I definitely know what it’s like to wait for the AHA moment. The haunting scripture to me is in Hebrews 11. “All these people died still believing what God had promised them. They did not receive what was promised…” Ouch. Man, talk about faith! Lord make me patient but also make me content to do what I was called to do…even if it was to build a foundation for future generations to build on!”


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