The time for turnover

The time for turnover

It appears that Spring has finally arrived in the Hudson Valley. I just got back from a short trip into Rhinebeck. I passed a field where the farmer was plowing the ground (yes, there are farmers in New York). 

The farmer sat up high in the cab of his tractor…towing the huge plow behind. The point of the plow cut deeply and the curve of the blade turned over the hard winter ground and exposed the dark soil beneath…turning it over and opening it up.

The difference between the unplowed field and the plowed field was stark. The unplowed part was hard and gray with stubby stalks of last year’s crop sticking up; dead and stiff. The look was flat and closed…sealed up.

The part plowed stood in stark relief. The newly exposed soil was dark and rich. The soft loam was moist and warm in the afternoon sun. It had a open look. A new look. It was a look of promise and possibility. Now the farmer can plant the new crop with confidence; knowing that the soil is open and ready to receive the new seeds.

It reminded me that we all go through times where the soil of our hearts has become hard and gray. We cling to the remnants of last years growth…the old revelation, the old ways. We are closed off to new possibilities. The only part exposed is old, dead and stiff.

It’s Springtime. And now is when we need the plow of His spirit to come and turn us over.

Sure, the process can be painful. Change always is. The point of the plow can hurt. It’s uncomfortable. But in the end…it’s worth it. The hard surface of our heart is opened up to the new. The cold and gray becomes dark and rich. We yield to the plow and allow yesterday’s promise to turnover to the new. We’re open. We’re ready to receive the new thing.

Are you ready for the newness this Spring has to bring? Ask for the plow to go deep and turn you over.

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