The sweetest fruit

The sweetest fruit

I love trees. I love the symbolism that every tree represents. The roots, the branches, the trunk, the fruit and the leaves…they are all so full of meaning and significance.

Seth Godin writes today about being out on a limb. Another very cool and meaningful metaphor born out of the tree. I was inspired to pile on.

We all love the safety and security of the trunk. It’s strong and stable. And even though it may bend and blow in the wind, there is a sense that it will always spring back. Even the branches next to the trunk are think and secure. We may venture a few steps out, but we’ll always keep the trunk within easy reach.

But here’s the deal…the fruit doesn’t grow next to the trunk. In fact, the sweetest fruit always grows way out there at the end of the branch. And sometimes, at least with me, it seems that the very best fruit is growing on the smallest of limbs. In order to get the sweetest fruit you’ve got to go out there to get it.

But you might fall. It might not work. You could lose. Success isn’t guaranteed. Of course not. But the richest, most abundant fruit always comes with risk.

And you know this, but I’ll say it anyway…in reality the riskiest place of all is right next to the trunk.

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