National Pastors Convention

I'm at Zondervan's National Pastors Convention this week in San Diego. This is a gathering of about 2000 pastors and church leaders from all over the country. Speakers, seminars, exhibits…the whole nine yards. 

I'm here in the exhibit hall with I'm not alone…I've been able to recruit camp leaders from the CA area to help out. We've got folks from Mt. Hermon, Mile High Pines, Pine Valley, Rock-N-Water, Camp Metoche, United Christian Youth Camp, Glorieta, and Palomar. 

We're talking with these folks encouraging them to take their people to camp. No matter what else you do, don't forget to work in a camp or conference event with the kids, the parents, couples, men or women. 

It's interesting…when I talk to folks here I tell them that it's my suspicion that at least half the folks here probably gave their lives to Jesus or made the commitment for full time ministry at a Christian camp or on a retreat.

Every single person I've said that to has said, "I did!" 

How powerful is that? These are church leaders and they are telling me that their lives changed because of what happened to them while at camp. 

I spoke with a guy named Mario who grew up in the US Virgin Islands. He said that every summer the Awana's sponsored a camp and he said that experience has impacted his life to this day. He said, "that stuff keeps."

I like that. An experience at camp "keeps," it stays with you. You can't shake it. Don't ever forget the powerful impact you have on the world around you. God has put you in a place of influence. It's time to shine.

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