Make Something Happen!

In this day of information overload it’s easy to just accept news as gospel. It’s almost too easy to just take what’s been researched and studied by others as truth for us…or for those we are responsible for. It’s always so much easier to be a follower than a leader, a settler than a pioneer.

Mal Fletcher, in his recent article “Super Inspire Me,” reflects on this and encourages us to get out there and do something great. Risk something to be the first or the only but make something happen. I was thinking…how many of us are really brave enough to step out and do something different, something big?

David Livingstone, the great 19th Century missionary to Africa said that it’s not what you do in life but what you set in motion that really matters. He certainly lived up to this adage. During the many years of his missionary life he only had one convert…and that convert later gave up the faith. But today, many say that David Livingstone is one of the greatest missionaries of all time and Africa, once “the dark continent” now actually sends out missionaries all over the world.

What are you going to do today to further your own life’s vision? What can you set in motion today that will last for many years to come? You can affect change, but today’s the day to get started!

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