Lessons from the bike Part 2

Lessons from the bike Part 2

Yesterday I took the opportunity to open up a subject about riding my bike. No the post wasn’t full of lessons on technique or even a review of the various bike trails I’ve ridden or the bike I’m riding now.

The post was about a few things God has taught me while riding my bike. What started out as a regular post turned out to be way too long. So I chopped it up and I’m posting a different lesson learned everyday this week.

Today…Number 2. (Just in case you missed Number 1, you can read it here.)

2. Keep your eyes out in front of you and not down on your front tire. Yesterday, I talked about snow skiing and for me, how riding the bike mimics the experience of being on the slopes. When skiing you learn to focus your eyes about 10-15 feet out in front of you. The same is true on the bike. When your eyes are out front, it allows you to make decisions on your next move and not get bogged down thinking about what you’re actually doing at the moment. Stuff doesn’t sneak up on you that way.

When your eyes are down the trail you can anticipate obstructions and challenges and more easily find your line (see #1). But when you allow your vision to drop to your front tire you don’t see the obstructions until it’s too late. You can’t make the necessary course decisions or corrections in time.

A wise man will have his vision set out on the horizon. A wise woman will not allow her vision to fall to her feet. It’s not what’s at your feet that matters. It’s what’s out there on the horizon. The psalmist said that God is the glory and…the lifter of our heads. Allow Him to lift your head and get your vision out to a point to where you can see the path in front of you and you can find your line.

Wouldn’t it be great if there were no rocks or tree roots or low branches or loose sand in the trail to worry about? But that wouldn’t be nearly as fun would it? A paved rail trail might be good for a relaxing conversational ride but it’s not going to get your blood pumping and for me, the experience isn’t nearly as pleasurable.

No…there will always be rocks in the trail. But we’ll talk about that tomorrow.

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