In defense of Love

In defense of Love

Today is the day. Valentine’s Day.

Today is the day for cards and roses and Cupid and lace and expensive dinners and jewelry. If you’ve visited the card counter, chances are you’ve seen plenty of the softer side of love; the puppies and the kittens and the milk chocolate and sparkling champagne.

But it’s days like today that it’s important to remember that true love is actually much different.

Love is not a cute and chubby cherub. Love is a warrior.

Love is incredibly tenacious. In fact, love will never, ever quit. Never. Love is stubbornly persistent and will stand and fight even when everyone else has left the battlefield. Love is capable of staring death in the face and not shrinking back.

Love, real love, is so strong, so complete, so brave, so wise that it will always stand; even against rejection and betrayal. It never faint or fail. Not even close. Love will never, ever let you down. Love is the beginning and the end the top and the bottom. Do your worst, your very worst. Love will always forgive.

So forget the softer side of love. It’s Love the Warrior that you can always count on. I’d like to see a greeting card like that.

(with thanks to the apostle Paul)

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