I’d like to thank the Academy

I’d like to thank the Academy

I watched the last hour or so of the Academy Awards and though I didn’t get in on the whole 3.5 hour production, I certainly saw my share of the beautiful people, dressed in all their finery and giving thanks to everyone responsible for getting them to that stage at that time.

It once again got me thinking about the importance of a grateful heart in God’s economy. It’s so important that, in the Psalms, we’re commanded to come into His presence with Thanksgiving.

So, let’s try this. It’s your turn.

You’ve got on your finest clothes sitting in an audience of others in their finest clothes. The nominees are read. The tension builds and the winner is…YOU! You rush to the stage (with a slight slip on the stairs!) and receive your award-the gold statuette. But it’s not a faceless Oscar. It’s you and it represents your life, your opportunities, your gifts and talents; the countless breaks and good fortune you’ve received.

You graciously take the award, buss the presenter on the cheek, turn and face the crowd. You lean in to the microphone, you eye the tv camera…

What will you say at that moment? Who will you thank for the life you have?

Maybe today’s the day you need to make a phone call or write a letter…

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