Honda and Acura join Audi

Last week I blogged about Audi taking the step of marketing their Quattro by telling a story. Now it appears that Honda and Acura are joining Audi. These ads will be aired for the first time during the Super Bowl this Sunday.

First Honda. A great take off on Ferris Bueller's Day Off. Brilliant.


Now Acura. Seinfeld will likely do for Acura what he did for American Express. Except in this Acura ad, he even includes the Soup Nazi!


It really is amazing. These commercials are about cars. But none of them talk at all about MPG, price, air bags, fuel, tires, or even stereo systems! They are building a brand instead of selling cars. But they're gambling that a strong brand will ultimately sell cars. I'm betting their right.

You have volumes of great stories! Why aren't you telling them?

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