Even Altoids

I've been on this kick lately of blogging a lot about story-telling instead of ad writing. As I mentioned before, Daniel Pink predicted it. The future will belong to the story-tellers. The ones who can speak to the right-brained instead of droning on and on about the details. Story-tellers are always bypassing the steak to sell the sizzle. 

Take this message on the paper that lines the Altoids tin.


I love it. They could've written anything on this. Heck, they could've left it blank. But they decided to create some wonder and mystery. Even the fact that Altoids comes in a tin is something worth talking about!

What about taking a fresh look at the copy you have on the signs on your tables in the dining room or in your guest rooms? Or what about your surveys? Working in a question about the mermaids in the lake could be pretty interesting.

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