The distraction of me

The distraction of me

I’ve written quite a bit over the last week about obstructions, obstacles and distractions but it occurs to me that, oftentimes, the biggest distraction of all is…


There’s a cliche; “I am my own worse enemy.” And while I don’t think that’s totally true, I do have a tendency to sabotage and undermine my best efforts by my actions and attitudes.

Exactly how do I serve as my own distraction?

Here’s my list. My bet is that you have one similar…

  1. I focus on the wrong things. I major on the minors and minor on the majors. Not all the time but enough so it makes a difference. I’m sure you can relate. Getting upset because of traffic that will make me late…to the mall or to the grocery store. Or weak wifi or non-existent Internet that makes it difficult and inconvenient to…check my Facebook. Isn’t that precious? While I’m freaking out about the minor stuff of life, other areas, very important areas like my valuable relationships or daily disciplines are easily overlooked and go neglected. It’s time to remember my priorities and make sure my attention, my time and my money reflect those things I deem most important.
  2. I focus too much on what I don’t have. I have been given so much in my life. I am the beneficiary of so much that for me to complain and grumble is childish. Shame on me. The life I’m enjoying, the things I own are all the result of the matchless grace of God and I’m grateful. It’s undeserved. No man could ask for more. I certainly shouldn’t.
  3. I spend valuable time and effort trying to control outcomes. Of course control is usually damage control because of some underlying fear. We believe in the myth that the things, people, relationships, circumstances that we can control can’t hurt us. In my case, fear drives me to clutch and grab and hold on to whatever I can. Instead of letting go and surrendering control, I work hard to manipulate circumstances to my benefit. My pathetic attempt to do what only God can do yields only heartache. Read and obey the bumper sticker, “Let go and Let God.”
  4. I get too caught up in the emotion of the moment. My dad used to warn against highs that were too high and lows that were too low. Circumstances will always be there to tug you in one direction or the other. Dad’s encouragement was to find the joy in it all. The ups and downs are a blast on the roller coaster but it’s no way to live your life. It’s time to find the even keel.
  5. I allow myself to slip too easily into the center of my world. When I believe things revolve around me and my feelings I can become a very prideful, demanding and unreasonable man. The stench of selfishness goes before the immature. Lord help me grow up.

I distract. I sabotage. I am weak. Obviously if it’s up to me and me alone it, no matter what “it” is, will utterly fail.

It’s time for maturity. It’s time for humility. It’s time to take my hands off, step out of the way and allow God to be God.

No more time for distraction.

How about you? In what ways are you a distraction?

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  • WOW . . Proverbial nail hit on the head. Exactly what I needed to read today. Number 3 is probably my worst. I will do so well for awhile and then try to slip right back into the driver’s seat, followed by the wreck and then starting over. I’m not sure why this particular lesson is so hard for me to learn. Thanks for sharing Mike!

  • I do well on a particular area for two to three weeks, then drop the ball, then work on another area, then drop the ball. This covers a multitude of areas in my life, I SO frustrate myself…..


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