A Cause to Believe In

Bobbyandsherry4 Just when Haitians felt that better days were ahead following Aristide’s corrupt rule, the most destructive wave of hurricanes in decades slammed into this small Caribbean nation. Just keeping their heads above water, in the wake of massive hurricane-caused flooding, has been a huge challenge. The actual death toll is still not able to be determined. Now, the backers of Aristide return and bring their violent means of protest with them; causing widespread panic and terror. Killings and even beheadings are common place in the country’s capital of Port Au Prince. (CNN story from Sunday, October 10, 2004)

In the midst of all this chaos and unrest there has always been one constant. One place of safety and help; Love A Child. Love A Child, founded by Bobby and Sherry Burnette is one of the biggest missionary organizations operating today in Haiti. The Burnettes, who actually live in Haiti, are committed to bringing help in the form of food, shelter, clothes, fresh water, education, medical attention and much, much more to the precious people of Haiti…and they’ve been doing it for over 20 years.

We’ve been humbled to have Love A Child as a BMC client for the last 2 years. We are very proud of this special couple, their staff, and volunteers. Please pray for their safety as they continue to battle on the front lines bringing light into a very dark place. Also, we’d ask that you consider making a donation to this effective ministry doing a work where few of us would be willing to go. To donate today, just call 239-261-9799.

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