With a grateful heart

With a grateful heart

I’m incredibly thankful this morning. Sitting on this front porch I just caught my first whiff of Spring 2013. I see someone down the street raking up dead leaves from his lawn. (If you look closely just to the right of the porch pillar you can see him working with the red pullover on) I guess the stirring up of the lawn released the fragrance and now from 1000 feet away I smell fresh dirt. And it’s glorious.

How have I come to the place where I find gratefulness in the smell of dirt?

I think part of it is just the maturity to see the wonder and beauty even in the small things. To find yourself awestruck with the view from Pikes Peak or a rooftop terrace in Manhattan or the Bridge over the Hudson River–that can and does happen with just about anyone. But to find beauty in the smell of Oklahoma dirt in the Spring, that happens only to those who have acheived the maturity to receive it.

Another part of it is a much greater awareness of His presence in my life. He is here. He presents each day full of wonder and opportunity to me (yeah, to me!) as a gift. And the older I get (back to the maturity thing) I realize that each day is a blessing. Sometimes the overwhelming nature of these blessings big and small overtake me like a giant tidal wave on the beach. It washes over me and I can’t contain how thankful I am. I’m compelled to bow my head in humility.

Today is Good Friday…yet another reason for a thankful heart. I”m grateful for what Jesus does for me everyday, but today I’m grateful for what Good Friday represents.

For me, He endured the rejection of His closest friends.

For me, He withstood the confusion of His enemies victory.

For me, He suffered the pain of physical beating by the hands of those weren’t worthy to stand on the same ground as Him.

For me, He experienced a father’s rejection. All for me.

Who am I to grumble and complain? What have I endured for His sake?

Nothing compares. I’m bankrupt.

All I am and all I have I owe to Him and the gift He chose to give to me on this day.

Today show the maturity to be grateful.

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