What do you want?

What do you want?

In the last week or so I’ve been asked that question several times.

At first…you think it should be a pretty easy to answer. But it’s not. It’s actually a pretty tough question. I had a great conversation with my good friend Chris after he asked me that question.

“What do you want?”

When I struggled to answer, Chris was able to give some insight. It’s a tough question because when you are raised as a Christian you’re taught that the question isn’t a proper one to be asking. You’re taught that it’s not about you. In some kind of religious show of humility we believe that we don’t deserve to ask that question. It shouldn’t be about what we want. It’s about what God wants. We defer to Him with the more proper (we think) question, “What does God want me to do?”

But here’s what I think. God has placed His destiny (what He wants) inside each of us. It’s stamped into our DNA. When we are intentionally walking with Him (in prayer, in worship, in scripture, listening for His voice), it’s His desire that wells up inside each of us and draws us like a tractor beam in His direction.

I wrote a while back about how passion/destiny drives us from within. I believe that’s true. And I believe that now, right this minute, with so much uncertainty swirling around us, it’s critical to believe that fact. When you’re not sure where you’re headed it’s important to know that your internal compass is lined up with His. Like being on a powerful river, it’s the current carries you forward. The river is in charge. The river flows toward your destiny.

So, what do you want? What destiny drives you from within?

I’ve obviously been thinking about this…a lot. Destiny isn’t a place or location; a specific ministry, camp, organization, church or business. My destiny is what I carry within me like seasoning. I carry it with me wherever I go. So I’m not looking for a job. Jobs aren’t unique.

I’m looking for an opportunity to bring the “seasoning” that only I can bring.

I’m a skilled writer and speaker. I’m a passionate person who loves to rally a community or team around a common cause. I love to teach, motivate, inspire and encourage. So whether my next stop is a camp, church, organization or business isn’t as important to me as landing in a place where I can exercise my unique set of gifts to their fullest.

Yeah. That’s what I want.

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  • Mike:
    I see what you mean….this is exactly what we were talking about.
    Remember these questions which you have likely read before?
    “If money were no issue, what would be a dream job for me?”
    “What would I like to be doing in 5 years?”
    “What will it take for me to make this happen?”
    “Where would I love to be living and why?”
    “What salary would I like to be making to provide for some of my dreams to be met?”

    This is a great time for you and Shirley Elaine to dream together. For the first time in your
    married life, you could consider what the two of you could do together. I think you may be
    onto something with the Bed and Breakfast idea. Start small and grow into what you dream for.
    Re-read the book, L’ABRI. I can see this very thing happening in an Inn or House that could
    be used. The world needs another Francis Schaffer.


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