Think you understand Generation Y?

Generation Y is made up of those who were born between 1977 and 1994. That means that those making most of the decisions as to whether or not they are going to send their kids to your camp are in this group. Do you understand them? Really? Are you sure you're not just making some assumptions? 

It's critical that you become a student of those you are trying to reach. How can you effectively write copy or design a brochure or a program if you don't really understand how the decision-makers think or plan or what scares them or or what thrills them? 

Here's a great video that debunks several of the myths regarding this generation. It was done by the marketing staff at the publishers Dorling Kindersley, a division of Penguin Publishing. 

Watch the video and be prepared to go back to the drawing board and throw away your assumptions.

Thanks to Michael Hyatt for the inspiration for this post. 

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  • I am very much in the middle of the everyday struggle of understanding this generation Y. All three of my kids and their three spouses are all in this age grouping. How can I as, first a father, then as a larger family, and finally as a staff member of a Christian Non-profit keep current when things are changing SO QUICKLY? Just keeping up on “terms” for conversation is an effort. And this is only with the six people that already love me. What of those that I am trying to reach through my activities and they don’t have a clue who I am?? Thanks Mike


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