The soft whisper of destiny

The soft whisper of destiny

The other night I was in bed. I had just finished reading and had turned off the light on my nightstand and rolled over to go to sleep. I could hear the soft whir of the ceiling fan overhead. But otherwise the house was quiet.

Then I heard it.

I heard the slight but steady clink of the chain hanging from the fan hitting against the side of one of the light covers. Tink…tink…tink…tink…

It wasn’t loud or obvious. In fact, I hadn’t even noticed it at first. But I once I heard it…I couldn’t not hear it.

I didn’t want to get up. I like sleeping with the ceiling fan on and I was warm under the covers. I rolled over and tried to ignore the barely audible noise. I tossed and turned and finally conceded defeat. I got up to turn off the fan to stop noise of the chain so I could get some sleep.

There are people on this earth right now who have never heard the voice of their destiny whispering their name. They aren’t bothered by what they’re not doing with their lives because they’ve never paid attention to the whisper. They may be miserable and unhappy but they figure that’s just the way life is. They mutter, “It is what it is.”

But the whisper persists. It doesn’t shout and it doesn’t yell. But it’s steady and it’s consistent. And once you hear it you can’t not hear it.

If you’ve heard it but are trying to ignore it…just stop. The whisper won’t quit and it won’t go away.

In fact, it’s the heartbeat of your life. The sooner you pay attention and follow the whisper the sooner your life will get traction and you’ll begin doing those things that bring real fulfillment.

What is that class you’ve always wanted to take or the phone call you know you should make? What is the trip you need to plan or the relationship you need to pursue? What is the book you need to write or the group you need to start?

The whisper won’t stop. You have to step up and do what you were born to do.

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