Stouffer’s changes their story and connects with mom

Lets-fix-dinner-200.ashxI love the new "Let's Fix Dinner" campaign by Stouffer's. I couldn't embed the video but you can watch it here.

They've done a brilliant job of connecting with women (mom's especially) by changing their story. Just in case you're not familiar, Stouffer's is in the business of making frozen dinners. For years their story has been all about convenience in the hectic times we live in. 

"Are you busy? Getting home from work just in time to take the kids to soccer practice and no time? No problem. Just put one of our frozen lasagna dinners in the oven and Voila! 45 minutes later you've got dinner on the table. No muss, no fuss."

But with their recent "Let's Fix Dinner" campaign Stouffer's has done several things right…

  • The new story is no longer about frozen dinners. It's not about convenience or ingredients or meal options. It's about family. It's about spending time together as a family and having a meal together.
  • The story poses a challenge…how many days a week can you get your family around the table to have a meal together? A challenge is fun but it's also…challenging. It's hard to resist when someone puts a challenge in front of you. "Betcha can't do that."
  • The new story connects with mom. Watch the videos and you'll see the connection. Mom's have always been the guardians of family time. They are the ones who fight the good fight of holding the family close through busy conflicting schedules, time constraints, kids with Xbox and iPods. Through it all, it's Mom who keeps pulling the family back together. This campaign identifies that challenge and encourages with a solution
  • Again, watch the video. What do you see…or rather what DON'T you see? You don't see strategically placed Stouffer's products on the counters. You don't hear a cheesy voice over telling you to buy Stouffer's. You don't see people reading from cue cards or teleprompters. That's because in this campaign Stouffer's isn't advertising…they are telling a story about family. 

This campaign is relevant and it's authentic. You get to see the strain on a mom's face as a little girl screams at the table. You're in the car or in the kitchen with the family. They don't have to say these are "real families" and not "actor portrayals" because it's obvious. They've done a great job of drawing the viewer into the story with them. 

Spend some time watching these videos (on their You Tube channel they've placed several videos featuring separate families and telling their "dinner challenge" stories) with your staff. Then brainstorm some ideas about how you can switch your story from "Come to camp!" to "Building strong families!"

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