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Yesterday I blogged about the "pay phones" (old relics still hanging on like grim death) that all of us probably have scattered all around our facilities. I guess the danger here is that they send the wrong message to our guests. Either they say, "we don't care enough about details to take down something people obviously don't use anymore." Or they say, "we don't care about the fact that having a pay phone up just screams the message that we're irrelevant and behind the times." Either way…it's not a good message.

  Car Charger
But what about this? They have installed these behind one of my favorite spots in Rhinebeck (my new home town), the Zen Dog. It's a very cool place that's part restaurant, part art gallery, part bar/jazz club and part bookstore. You'd think they'd be way too diverse with that line up but they actually pull it off. It's a great space with a very cool vibe.

In the parking lot behind the restaurant are a few of these electrical hook ups for people with electric or hybrid cars that need recharging. You know what? I've never seen anyone use them. Just like it's been years since I've seen someone use a pay phone. But what's the difference?

What kind of statement does it make about Zen Dog that they've taken the time and expense to install these chargers? Forward thinking. Green thinking. Culturally relevant thinking. I don't know this for a fact but I believe that they installed these knowing that no one would use them right away. But when they do start using them…they'd be ahead of the curve.

Very good thinking. 

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