I’m special. I’m unique. I was born unique and my uniqueness has continued to develop as I’ve grown older. Because I’m special and unique, God’s plan for me is also special and unique. In fact, the plan is so special it can’t be accomplished by anyone else but me.

I’m a husband. God has given me the incredible gift of being married to the most wonderful woman in the world…my Cherokee princess Lainey. I’m blessed to be her husband. When I think of our marriage and relationship two things come to mind: She completes me and she makes me want to be a better man. Too bad those lines have already been used in movies. (points if you can name the movies) I couldn’t say it better.

I’m a father. God has blessed me and Lainey with seven great kids (and to date, three great “kids-in-law”). My kids have always been such an incredible blessing to me. They are creative, independent, and critical thinkers. They amaze me. I’m blessed.

I’m a director. God is currently using me in upstate New York at Taconic Retreat. To be here and serve these people is an honor. I’m humbled every day by the level of commitment of the team here. I’m honored to serve in this place.

As wonderful and as important as these are…they are only the roles I play, the labels I wear. The real me continues to be amazed by the people God has surrounded me with and the places He’s called me to serve. I must be one of God’s favorite kids.

Now…enough about me.

What about YOU?

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