Make it matter

Make it matter

Tough times happen to all of us.

Even Jesus told us that in this world we WOULD have troubles. And in his parable of building on rock or sand…either way, the storm blew against both houses. Whether it’s death, divorce, sickness or disease, financial troubles, relationship issues, bad job or no job…the one thing you can count on in this life is trouble.

But I want to encourage you to make it matter. Take those negative things and allow them to do their work in you; refining you into the better, wiser you. Learn the lessons you’re supposed to learn. Make the changes you’re supposed to make. And make the decision not to repeat your mistakes.

Sure tough times happen. And the only way to redeem them is to make them count. Years from now you’ll want to look back at the trauma and say, “I’m actually glad that happened. Because without that happening I would have never…”


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