Logic screams. Faith whispers

Logic screams. Faith whispers

On my current journey I’m learning that the voice I hear in my head is usually Logic. I recognize it because it’s the one that always seems to make sense. It’s the voice that always chooses the safe and sure route and always votes for the cheapest option. But the key indicator is that it’s the voice that always shouts the loudest.

I don’t think that’s the right voice. I have a feeling in my gut that this is the exact wrong voice for me to listen to right now.

In fact, I’m doing my best to tune it out because there is another voice I’m straining to hear.

The other voice is Faith. It doesn’t shout. It whispers. It usually speaks up when the rest of my body has shut down. Faith whispers in my ear in the time between being asleep and being awake.

That’s when I hear Faith calling me to do the illogical, the risky, the option that doesn’t have all the answers. What Faith recommends makes no sense, it’s crazy. All the t’s are not crossed and the i’s are not even close to being all dotted.

Faith doesn’t scream. It just whispers, “jump.”

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  • Michael, this reminds me of a story my friend Gary Barkalow tells about a life transition story he has. When he was needing direction all logic screamed to stay busy and hustle. His wife encouraged him to take some time and just listen. Our fiend Jeff who is an airline pilot told him the same. He said that when jets are in between flights they need to sit completely still for the navigation systems to reconfigure. This in order to re-calibrate their exact position in earth. If they don’t then they can’t navigate properly.

    This last season as I sought my next assignment I had a lot of time to seek out God’s whispers. It made all the difference. Thanks for the reminder friend!

    • John,
      that’s so true. Another very cool “aero” analogy is the whole “IFR” “VFR” thing. IFR is “instrument flight rules” and VFR is “visual flight rules.” On clear days pilots fly by VFR. It’s okay to go by what they can see when the sailing is smooth.
      But on cloudy days or at night they have to fly by IFR which requires a special certification. It means the pilot has to learn to fly by his/her instruments. No matter what things look like or feel like (logic) they have to fly by what their instruments (faith) are telling them.
      Thanks for the comment John. The great adventure continues!


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