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I was inspired to post this morning from Seth Godin's blog to write a bit about giving. We've just passed through the "giving" time of year. However, sadly, I think it's become more of the purchasing time of year. We're really not giving as much as we're buying things for one another. 

But occasionally we wander into real, authentic giving. When you've found just the right thing for just the right person, or when we've made something with your own hands to give someone else, that's when you can truly experience the benefits of giving. I know you know that feeling. You've found the perfect gift. You've wrapped it with care and you can barely wait for the day when they'll open it. The time comes. You watch the joy and delight on their face as they realize what you've given them. It really is better to give than it is to receive.

Tomorrow is the last day of the year, and for those who care about such things, it's the day when more money is donated than any other day of the year. Of course the reason for this is that it is the last day of the year when you can still take that tax deduction for 2012. 

A tax deduction shouldn't be the reason we give. The tax relief might a nice benefit but it shouldn't be the primary motivation. Bettering the world. Improving a bad situation. Saving a life. Making a difference. Repaying a debt. Those are reasons to give.

I hope that you will consider making a significant gift this year to an organization that you care about. There are plenty of them out there. And if you want to give, but don't know where, you can always give here

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