Giving your guests a bigger picture

I love this clip from Shawshank Redemption, a movie based on a short story by Stephen King.

In this clip Andy finds and plays an aria from Figaro. Then he decides to share it with the rest of the prison population. The sound of the voices alone serves to give those inmates a bigger picture of the world…a new perspective on life. The music was a beautiful thing set in the middle of a very ugly,gray, and depressing place. And in many ways, it allowed those men to experience freedom, if only for a few moments.

I can't watch this without thinking about how camps provide a picture of the richness of life, the beauty and possibilities available to their guests…even though so many are trapped like inmates. Trapped in their own narrow-mindedness, trapped in their own limitations, trapped in their own sin, or in their own worldview. 

Camp is a place where kids have the freedom to explore and seek out those new experiences that will change their lives. It's a place where stuff thought not possible back at home is entirely possible at camp. Camp is a place where relationships are forged…lifelong, life-changing relationships. 

When campers come to your place they do much more than just have fun. Their lives are changed. They see what CAN happen and they learn the courage to pursue the new thing.

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