Facing the sun

Facing the sun

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In short, heliotropism is growth in response to the stimulus of the sun…flowers actually turning to face the sun. It’s especially noticeable in sunflowers because the blossom is so large…its easy to see the huge yellow flower track the sun throughout the day as it arcs across the sky.

Growth because of the sun. There’s something poetic and spiritual about heliotropism don’t you think?

We all tend to turn and face the warmth that comes from friends, family, mentors, coaches and others. Whether those are good influences or bad. We will follow the those who give us attention.

It’s been said that who we are and who we become depends in part on who loves us and those we choose to love. We aspire to be like those we admire. We follow those we want to be like. And like chameleons, we will mimic the colors and the lifestyles of those we hang around with.

Where are you receiving warmth today? Who are you following? Who are you hanging around with?

The fact is…heliotropism will occur. It’s a natural law. You will become like the person or people you are tracking; the people you aspire to be.

Do you need to recalibrate? Do you have your eyes on the right target?

Are you surrounding yourself with the right people?


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