Backcountry goes above and beyond
I got a beautiful new North Face jacket for Christmas. Lainey and Jonah got it for me and found the best deal online through Backcountry. (scroll down on that page to see my review)

Just a few days ago I noticed some kind of stain on the cuff of the sleeve. It looks like it could be a bleach stain but for the life of me, I can't remember even being in the same room with bleach. I have no idea what could've caused the stain.

Well…Backcountry got in touch last week. Just following up to see how I'm enjoying the product. It gave me the chance to tell them the story of the stain (I don't think I would've called them otherwise). I was online with Emerson from Backcountry. When I told him the story, his quick response was, "Would you like us to replace it for you?" Pretty easy question for me to answer! So, they're shipping a new one to me. I should get it tomorrow.

Back in the day L.L. Bean was one of the few outfitters who carried a lifetime guarantee on all their gear. No questions asked. Now it's quickly becoming the standard of the online clothing industry. A company who won't stand behind their product is like a restaurant who doesn't give free refills on soda. D-I-N-O-S-A-U-R.

The Internet, together with these agressive, customer-first companies is re-educating a whole new generation of consumers. Chances are, these are the same customers that will question you; asking why you aren't going to give a refund because lunch was late or that there was no hot water.

Right or wrong, customers today are much more demanding. It's been said that "Now the deer have guns!" Regardless of what your policies say, customers have learned from other providers that they can "have it their way." You need to decide where you're going to draw lines. And why the lines are going to be drawn where they are. 

P.S. Maybe in addition to your surveys you should also be calling group leaders two weeks after their event to have a chat about how their weekend went. It might open up some opportunities to provide the WOW factor like Backcountry.

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