An Irish Christmas Carole

This season is all about connections. We connect as family and friends. We connect with our traditions and our memories of Christmases past. Even Christmas itself is a celebration of God's unique and special connection with mankind.

As you know, I have Irish ancestry. The Christmas season has always brought me back to my Irish heritage. It's caroles like this one that I love so much and make that connection so strong. I know I'm prejudiced but this Irish tune expresses such peace and beauty. As beautiful as the melody is…the words are even more so. I've included the translation below for those of you whose Irish might be a bit rusty.

The name of the song is "Don Oiche Ud i mBeithil." The performance here is by Altan


I sing of a night in Bethlehem, a night as bright as dawn.

I sing of that night in Bethlehem, the night the Word was born.

The skies are glowing gaily, the earth in white is dressed.

See Jesus in His cradle, drink deep His mother's breast.

And there on a lonely hillside, the shepherd's bow in fear.

When the heavens open brightly

And God's message rings out so clear.

Glory now to the Father, In all the heaven's high.

And peace to His friends on earth below

Is all the angels cry.

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  • Love this Mike! And I loved your family singing at Christmas also. Something that rings that deep chord within when we here this kind of ancestry music – ah Peace.


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