Here’s what others are saying about working with Michael Staires…


“Michael Staires is a gifted leader, one who is able to see beyond just the daily tasks of designing and managing to grasp and cast a broader vision for the organization. His considerable experience in communication, leadership, and mentoring would benefit any corporation, business, ministry, or church.

Pastor Bruce Barnard, Lead Pastor, Warwick Valley Church of the Nazarene

“Michael Staires provided a fresh approach to a new product that we were introducing to market. His years of experience in a variety of marketing areas gave us an insight into other ways to attract new customers. We appreciated his candor and honesty during the entire process.”

Doss Briggs, President, Thunder Canyon Fence, LLC

“Michael Staires is an absolute rock star when it comes to assisting your business in maximizing who you are with who you want to reach. His skill set knocked our goals out of the park and transformed how we package our brand and connect with our customers. Michael is a keeper!”

Diane Dahm, Sales and Marketing Director, Camp Timberline, Estes Park, CO

“Michael Staires has always struck me as a person who doesn’t settle for status quo. He relishes the original and resists tradition for traditions’s sake. Always keeping up with the best of current trends, Michael can be trusted to lead you or your organization down a path toward better health and realistic growth.”

Brian Phillips, Marketing Manager, Young Life’s Colorado Camps

“Michael Staires knows how to take people and projects to another level. He helps forward-thinking people to maximise their reach and realise their vision and strategic goals. You will find him an enthusiastic advocate for your aspirations, as he skillfully sharpens your focus on many levels. He will help you and your team to achieve optimal impact.”

Mal Fletcher, Founder & Chairman, 2020Plus Think Tank, London

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